August 21, 2017
Yellow transparent dress
by Thomai Papathanasiou

You want to transform a simple white t-shirt and jeans outfit? Enter the yellow transparent dress! Just an extra layer and the look is suddenly much cooler!

Probably you have noticed that yellow has made a big comeback in the past months. Although it is my first choice, I am quite fond of it. First of all, it is not that hard to match with other colours, especially if you like taking risks like myself. Also, it is such a happy colour! It can really help lift your spirits. So I have started incorporating a few pieces in my collection (like a hat, a cape and a bag).

Additionally, you may have seen how the transparent layers trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. So this kind of piece is recommended for someone who wants to keep up to date with fashion. What makes this specific dress even better is that since it doesn’t have an underneath layer it gives you the opportunity to combine it with many different things so the number of potential looks is high!

Despite the fact that I am all for contrasting colours, in this case I decided to go with neutral white and make emphasis on the little tan I still have from my days at the beach. Also, it was a good opportunity to wear my heeled sandals and clutch bag that I hadn’t used in a while.

So maybe this yellow transparent dress is not a garment I will be wearing daily. However I have a feeling it will allow me to create many interesting looks, just stay tuned 🙂

  • Yellow transparent dress/ white t-shirt: Lefties
  • Blue crop jeans: Levi’s
  • White heeled sandals/ white envelope clutch bag: Zara
  • Pearl and golden bow earrings: Daniel Espinosa

Look Photos

Yellow transparent dress and white accessories
Yellow transparent dress and white accessories
Yellow transparent dress and white accessories close up
Pearl and golden bow earring

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