January 29, 2019
White beanie
by Thomai Papathanasiou

One of the habits I have acquired in the past few years when I go back to Athens is to visit Boudoir, a local boutique very close to my house. I always enjoy going through all the things the shop has to offer and try on a few things. Until now I’ve just been to the store in the summertime so I have bought a few dresses and t-shirts in the past. But when I found this white beanie I had to snatch it. Especially since the weather was much colder than I had anticipated.

I didn’t really hesitate as I knew this would be an accessory that would come in handy. With the cold going strong I’ve already got to use it a few times and it looks that there will be plenty of opportunities in the next few weeks. I used to be very self conscious about how I looked wearing hats and beanies. But keeping my head and ears warm has become a priority. Plus I think I don’t look as bad as I thought. And isn’t the faux fur pom pom just a very cute touch?

Look Photos

White beanie front
White beanie back
DKNY bag

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