March 31, 2019
Velvet ankle boots and cat scarf
by Thomai Papathanasiou

I am a fool for a good bargain and I am well aware that when you find something you need to snatch it as ap. But sometimes I can be indecisive and that’s when luck kicks in. So let me explain what I mean by all this. A few months ago I found these embroidered velvet ankle boots as I was browsing in TK Maxx. They instantly got my attention, how could they not? They were only a fraction of the original price and available on my size. However I had second thoughts because you know how it rains quite often here and I was afraid that I might ruin them. Or worse that I would end up barely using them. So I left them back on the shelf and went about my day.

A couple of days later I found myself walking around TK Maxx again. As soon as I entered the store I decided to go back to the shoe section. I decided that if the velvet ankle boots were still available it was a sign that I had to buy them. And as you can guess they were there on the shelf waiting for me to take them home. So that’s what I did and I am so glad or else I’d still be thinking about them and regretting leaving them behind. I’m just very careful about when I use them. Don’t they make the little black dress look more cool? Of course the cat scarf is also there to make the outfit even more colourful. Just the right touch to take you from the office to the ice cream parlour 😉

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velvet ankle boots whole look
cat scarf
velvet ankle boots close up

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