June 9, 2017
Tulle and studs
by Thomai Papathanasiou

Let’s end the week with a little black dress! We started it this way so it makes sense to end it like that as well. They are a classic for your closet and so on point for any occasion!

Although I love colour and I am always up to prints, I am also a big fan of the little black dress and I recognise how useful they are. That is why I have widened my collection to include different styles. Of course I own the more classic materials/silhouettes but I couldn’t resist this one made of tulle, which is a fabric correlated to femininity and elegance. Plus it is on trend right now!

I ordered it online and when it first arrived I was a little bit reluctant to wearing it because the incorporated fabric dress underneath is quite short and well… I don’t have the slimmest thighs… But despite the fact that my body is not perfect, I decided it would be a waste to return or keep it and not wear it.

So here it is! As any good little black dress, you can make it work perfect with any heel height! In this case I went for a casual approach with my burgundy ballet flats. The studs give it an even more modern twist. In order to compliment the look, I used this beautiful silver bracelet. It is the creation of a student of mine for her thesis collection. Since I saw it as a sketch at the beginning of the semester, I fell in love with it. And live it looks even better!

You can definitely say that there is nothing classic about this LBD look, except maybe for the sunglasses and the red lipstick 🙂

  • Tulle black dress/ burgundy flats with straps and studs/ small black quilted shoulder bag: ZARA
  • Black sunglasses: CARRERA
  • Silver bracelet: CENTELHA

Look Photos

Tulle little black dress, burgundy ballerinas
Tulle little black dress, burgundy ballerinas back
Tulle little black dress, burgundy ballerinas black quilted bag
Tulle little black dress, silver bracelet
Tulle little black dress, black sunglasses and red lipstick