July 8, 2015
The perks of Voula, Athens
by Thomai Papathanasiou
The greatest thing about my hometown is that my house is a 3-minute walk from the beach. Seeing this view always gives me hope that everything will be alright. I also get to do some shopping in the very cute boutique of Christos, called Boudoir that stocks only 100% Greek fashion brands, where I got this beautiful kimono. Did I mention that many friends live close by and I can borrow their stuff like this pair of sunglasses?


  • White tank top: H&M
  • Boho kimono: NOOBASS, bought from Boudoir
  • Crop skinny jeans: LEVI’S
  • Beige-gold sneakers: MYTHEO
  • Pink quilted purse: PRIMARK
  • Big stone necklace: BERNA BROWN BY BERNA
  • Purple sunglasses: VOGUE (loan from my friend Chrysoula)

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