November 4, 2018
Teddy coat and over the knee boots
by Thomai Papathanasiou

If there is just one trend in outerwear that you should be aware of this season, it’s the teddy coat. You probably have seen them on your feed in social media. Also, you might have seen them in most of the mass fashion stores. So it should come as no surprise that I got one.

However I didn’t decide to buy this specific coat just to be on trend. It’s just that they’re saying we are about to have a very cold winter. So I decided to browse and prepare accordingly. Then, I found this one online and I figured this would be a good choice. It is black so that I can combine it with almost everything. Plus it has a fleece interior which makes it very warm.

Although it’s not winter yet, we did have a few very cold days already. So I did get to try the teddy coat out. And I have to say that it seems like it will get me covered. Even if it gets very cold. Plus it looks very cute, doesn’t it?

Look Photos

Teddy coat and over the knee boots front
Teddy coat and over the knee boots back
Bag close up
over the knee boots close up

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