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August 23, 2017

Ruffle sleeves top and denim pencil skirt

If you have been near a shop in the past couple of months you must have seen it. You are wondering what I am talking about? But the ruffle sleeves top, of course! I think it is impossible to miss. You can find many different versions in terms of colours, fabrics and silhouettes but you […]

April 28, 2017

Fringe and yarn

Earlier this week I started telling you about my trip to Finland and the nice things I found there. While exploring Lahti, we went to this very nice café by the lake and next to it there was a handcrafts store full of beautiful things made in Finland. My love for yarn and knitting and […]

February 23, 2017

Flowers, sparkles and beads

You probably have noticed that bomber jackets are having a big moment as a trend. Although I was tempted to buy one the past months, I hadn’t found anything available on my size that I would be excited about. However on my sale scavenger hunt I came across this one and I really liked it […]

October 27, 2016

Coral and pearls

Although I am a big fan of eye-catching, show stopping earrings as you may have guessed from the ones I usually wear and post, I do love pearls that are the definition of elegance and classic. Including the bow was just a little extra to urge me make the purchase. And it looks like I […]

September 14, 2016

Bad stripes

When it comes to outfits I feel like I have multiple personalities. Sometimes I like wearing fancy dresses and looking very formal, sometimes I am all about my jeans and very casual looks, sometimes I like to bring elements from both worlds. So here goes the mood of the day: a dress and a tiny […]

September 5, 2016

The princess and the stripes

It is Monday so it is more than normal to identify with Lumpy Space Princess and her rebellious and grumpy attitude. Graphic print t-shirts are a trend that has come to stay. Find the print that represents you and don’t be afraid to combine this casual t-shirt with a skirt and give it a boost!