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June 16, 2017

Fluffy sliders and pearl sunglasses

If you have paid attention to shoe trends the last few months you must have spotted the sliders. Although there are many different options from the classic athletic plastic ones to velvet ones with embroidered pearls, you may have also noticed some fluffy sliders every now and then. I was not sure how I felt about them […]

September 20, 2016

Cats and blazers

The majority of outfits can be magically turned into a look for the office by putting on a blazer. There is something about blazers that makes you look like you mean business. Even when your dress is full of cats!

July 18, 2016

Karlito by the beach

A simple dress and a pair of casual sandals can be transformed with the right accessories. Sequins, pearls and tassels are guaranteed to give your look a fancier touch and get all the attention. If someone tells you that sequins and pearls are meant to be used in formal occasions, prove them wrong and wear […]

July 8, 2016

Assos in crochet and pearls

While in Kefalonia we were discussing with my sister how different fashion rules apply when on vacation. I am not sure that this is the case everywhere but when on a greek island in the summer time, it is very normal to see people walking around on their bathing suits and nothing else anywhere at […]

May 27, 2016

White, coral and flowers

Looking good doesn’t have to cost you a fortune! I admit I like buying more expensive handbags occasionally because they can last longer so it is worth investing but when it comes to clothes that trends come and go quickly I like to look for very accessible pieces that I feel I can make the […]

May 11, 2016

And the collection continues

Just when I thought that it was time to stop buying new sunglasses for a while, there I go buying another pair. I promise it was not intentional. Last week I went to a fashion show and there were some booths of young creators and brands there so I decided to take a look. One […]