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March 12, 2019

Beige knit dress

When we left Mexico a year ago to come back to this side of the world we had no idea where we would end up. We thought we would be in Leeds for a short period of time until we figured out our next step. However things worked out well for us and we decided […]

November 20, 2018

Ankle boots and LBD

If you go through my posts you’ll see that I used to have a variety of ankle boots. However when we moved I had to leave all but one pair behind. So now that the weather is colder it was time to start expanding the collection again. I had started looking for some options online but […]

March 15, 2017

Fur and frill

I really like black because it is classic and appropriate for anything but I need bright colours in my life as well, especially on gloomy days like today, so it was about time I brought this light blue dress into action. I bought it during sale season and I have been waiting for the weather […]

February 1, 2017

Green and fuchsia

Sometimes you buy a garment and you love it so much that you would like to have it in any colour available since it is so comfortable. Some time ago I bought this black dress and I am very fond of it because the fabric feels good on my skin, it looks nice and it […]

December 30, 2016

New things for the end of the year

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you probably saw on Christmas that I made it to Santa’s nice list and received a great handbag as a present. Of course when I say Santa I refer to my wonderful fiancé Dany 😉 He knows he can never go wrong with a bag when it […]

December 5, 2016

Pink dress, cool sunglasses

I am trying to remember when my fascination for pink started. Of course as a girl growing up in the 90s I had a colourful wardrobe but then puberty kicked in, I got chubbier and more self-conscious about my body so I started having a thing for neutral colours. But then I realised that it […]