September 23, 2018
Striped blazer and peep toe heels
by Thomai Papathanasiou

I don’t know if it’s because I remember my parents going after bargains since I was young. I mean who doesn’t like to pay less? What I can definitely tell you is that I can’t resist a sale rack. And this means that I always find things that I wasn’t really looking for. For instance I didn’t think I needed a striped blazer until I found this one. But I couldn’t really leave it behind, could I?

Even though I don’t have to follow a specific dress code for work, I enjoy wearing a more office look every now and then. Plus the stripes make it more fun than a plain black blazer. So I get to look slightly more business like but with a little extra. With the addition of my girl power pins and the peep toe heels you could say that it is an outfit for every day and any occasion, not just for going to the office.

Also, I think the striped blazer makes this look a bit more cheerful. Although I have nothing against a total black look, I do like me some colour. So to make it even more colourful I added my striped handbag. Because what could look better with stripes than stripes?

Look Photos

Striped blazer and peep toe heels front
Striped blazer and peep toe heels back
Striped blazer close up
Peep toe heels close up

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