October 4, 2018
Snake print flats and LBD
by Thomai Papathanasiou

You probably know by now that the little black dress is a classic for your closet. But you know what you need for your shoe collection? A pair of snake print flats! You can combine them with pretty much anything and they never go out of style. Since I left the pair I had for years in Mexico, I thought it was time to move on and buy new ones. It is a different kind of print with distinct tones from the ones I had. Nevertheless, it still does the trick of giving an almost total black look an accent of colour. To make the outfit even more playful I decided to add my green handbag and my charm necklace.

Even though I’ve owned this dress, the necklace and the trenchcoat for years I still use them regularly. Although I buy clothes and shoes quite often, I try to use them as much as possible and keep them for years. That’s why I think it’s good to opt for things that you can see yourself wearing for a long time. It’s a little bit better for the planet and your bank account. Of course I am not saying you shouldn’t follow trends, just maybe avoid fads that after a couple of weeks will make you wonder why on earth you have this in your closet. If you do buy something that you regret, remember to donate. Or if you have the space keep it, after about 20 years it will be in fashion again 😉

Look Photos

Snake print flats and LBD front
Snake print flats and LBD back
Snake print flats and LBD close up

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