November 28, 2018
Silver boots and floral jacket
by Thomai Papathanasiou

You know how much I love sparkly and shiny things. Just flick through my previous posts and you will see. So as you can imagine, when I saw these silver boots online it was love at first sight. But it was July so it wasn’t really the season for boots. However I knew that if I didn’t buy them then, I would miss the opportunity and I wouldn’t find them again. So I ordered them and kept them in their box. Occasionally I would open the box, look at them and wait patiently for their time to come.

Months passed by and finally their moment is here! So for their first spin out and about in town I wanted the focus to be on them. I knew I had to go for a skirt or dress so that they would be completely visible. Also in order for their shininess to stand out I thought that an all-black look would be ideal. But because a completely plain black outfit and the silver boots would not be enough for me, I decided to put a final touch with the floral bomber jacket.

I used this look for a date night including dinner and then cocktails downtown. I didn’t get to walk a lot on the boots but I was quite comfortable and most of all I felt good. Of course it wasn’t just the footwear, the freshly out of the salon hair helped as well. But I do think that the most important part of wearing an outfit is the way it makes you feel. If it boosts your confidence and you feel fierce in it, who cares what anyone else thinks?

  • Black turtleneck top: H&M
  • Black skirt: Primark
  • Floral jacket/silver boots/black quilted bag: Zara

Look Photos

Silver boots and floral jacket front
Silver boots and floral jacket back
Silver boots close up

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