December 27, 2016
Shopping in Oaxaca
by Thomai Papathanasiou
In October 2015 I travelled to Oaxaca with a group of my students and a colleague on a study trip. A friend of my colleague’s who is local and helped us out with the organisation of everything one day took us to meet Mariana. Mariana is a woman from a community in Oaxaca that has a very interesting design studio where she is trying to rescue iconography and embroidery techniques from the different communities in Oaxaca and she collaborates with women from these communities to make the embroidery in clothing that she designs. Of course the process can take months but these women receive fair payment for their work, something that doesn’t happen always.
I saw a dress in the studio that I really loved but it wasn’t my size and I think it was probably already made for someone else so I didn’t buy anything on the spot. On the last night we were in Oaxaca I decided to order a dress. Mariana took my measurements and I chose the fabric, the colour of the embroidery and the iconography. After some delays because she couldn’t find the fabric I had asked for, finally I got to pick up my new dress now that I went back to Oaxaca for the wedding. So like a child I had to use my new dress immediately so I used it for a day of shopping and wandering around the city. 
  • Polka dot dress with handmade embroidery: MARIANA GRAPAIN ETNO DISEÑO
  • Fuchsia ballerina flats/fuchsia small cross body bag: KATE SPADE NEW YORK

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