August 23, 2017
Ruffle sleeves top and denim pencil skirt
by Thomai Papathanasiou

If you have been near a shop in the past couple of months you must have seen it. You are wondering what I am talking about? But the ruffle sleeves top, of course! I think it is impossible to miss. You can find many different versions in terms of colours, fabrics and silhouettes but you have certainly spotted it.

You might think I don’t have a unique fashion sense for buying this kind of top that you can find in almost every shop. However I don’t believe that is the case. And I am not just saying it because it’s me! I am just a person that loves fashion and likes to follow trends. What makes anyone’s style unique is the way you mix and match the items in your closet and the attitude you have when wearing your looks.

Personally I have a problem letting things go so my looks are a mix of different seasons. So maybe the top is new and trendy but everything else has been in my collection for a while. I have had this skirt for a few years now and I still love it. Although the jacquard makes it special, the silhouette is a classic one and I think that it really works to create a balance with the puffiness of the sleeves. And a pair of metallic shoes is just good for any occasion 😉

So what I am trying to say is that it is ok to have the hot item of the season in your closet! If you don’t buy it now that it is on trend, when will you? Just wear it your own way and surely you won’t look anything like your friend or colleague who owns a similar one 🙂

  • Ruffle sleeves top/denim jacquard pencil skirt: Primark
  • Crossover metallic sandals: Marc by Marc Jacobs
  • Blue bucket bag: Target
  • Sunglasses: DKNY
  • Pearl earrings: gift from Vietnam

Look Photos

Ruffle sleeves top and denim pencil skirt
Ruffle sleeves top and denim pencil skirt
Denim pencil skirt and crossover metallic sandals
sunglasses and pearl earrings

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