July 20, 2017
Red dress comeback
by Thomai Papathanasiou

After a long absence, is there a better comeback look than a red dress?

Well, I think not! I haven’t been posting anything for more than a month because I was on vacation and I was traveling around. However, I was posting regularly on my social media accounts to give you a small glimpse of my whereabouts.

Of course during this time I had the opportunity to do a lot of shopping so I have many things to share with you so prepare for the post overload coming your way soon!

In case you didn’t see my posts, I went to Greece to visit my family and friends for a few weeks and then to England for some days to spend time with my sister and of course I got to do shopping in both places.

The first thing that attracts us inside a shop is colour so naturally I noticed this dress. Although I have my closet full of colours, I don’t own many items in red. This is not something intentional as I really like it but I guess I always pick other options.

After the colour, I found interesting the texture and feel of the fabric. You can’t tell from the picture but it is very soft. Then I really liked the frill hem (if you visit previous posts you will see I have quite a few pieces with this kind of hem).

Last but not least, I noticed the very low price. As it is from Primark, you would expect it to be very cheap but it was on an offer which made it impossible to resist buying.

So do you think it was a right choice?


Look Photos

Red dress black backpack
Red dress black backpack back
Black backpack white peep toe flats
Silver bracelet transparent glasses

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