August 25, 2017
Pom pom rope sandals and embroidered dress
by Thomai Papathanasiou

Just when you think you have seen enough shoes from me, here I go again! A few posts back,  I showed you a beautiful pair of pink heeled peep toe shoes. Well they weren’t the only pair I bought that day I visited Bimba y Lola (oops!)… This pair of blue pom pom rope sandals was just there waiting for me.

You might think I am exaggerating but trust me! It was fashion karma. How else can you explain that it was the last pair in the store and it was available on my size? And my size is not the most common one to find here in Mexico where I live currently.

All jokes aside, I tried them on and I thought they look very cool. Although I own others pairs of shoes with pom poms, there are very different in terms of the materials. Also, I figured that I don’t own much footwear in blue and the 60% off price made them perfect!

So for their debut here on the blog I decided to play with the combination of materials. Don’t they make a great match for my wicker bag? And this beautiful hand-embroidered dress (one of my smartest buying moves) is just a great canvas for any sort of accessories.

  • Blue dress with white polka dots and pink hand-embroidered flowers: Mariana Grapain Etno Diseño
  • Pom pom rope sandals: Bimba y Lola
  • Wicker bag: no brand, given to me as a present
  • Gold bracelet with fuchsia stone: Ble

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Pom pom rope sandals and embroidered dress
Pom pom rope sandals and embroidered dress
Wicker bag and bracelet
Pom pom rope sandals

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