September 29, 2018
Plaid trousers and make them pink
by Thomai Papathanasiou

Plaid is not appropriate just for school uniforms or the golf course anymore. Fashion has embraced it as a trend this year and it is everywhere. Although I’ve been keeping my eye open in case I found a skirt, I ended up finding this pair of plaid trousers. Or should I say they found me?

So a few weeks ago I accompanied my sister to do some shopping, not planning to buy anything. But as we were going around the store there they were, waiting for me. Of course they got my attention: they are pink! Plus they were available on my size and half price. So off I went to the dressing room. When I tried them on I loved them even more because of the crop silhouette so it wasn’t really hard to decide to take them home with me.

What looks great with pink? More pink of course. That’s why it was a perfect opportunity to take out the pink Natasha bag again. But even I can admit that there is such a thing as too much pink so I think that the black t-shirt brings some balance and makes this a great look for a day at the office or out and about. But it would be a shame to make it boring so my woven shoes were the perfect compliment 😉


Look Photos

Plaid trousers front
Plaid trousers back
Plaid trousers close up

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