July 28, 2017
Pink peep toe shoes
by Thomai Papathanasiou

I think the most appropriate way to close this week is by doing the same thing I’ve been doing since the beginning: talking about shoes! So I present to you this brand new pair of pink peep toe shoes that I acquired last week.

Again, my weakness for sales beat me… But let me explain how it happened. Last Saturday afternoon I was at home with my fiancé and we thought it would be nice to  get out of the house. So I suggested visiting a mall (what else did you expect?) to walk around and do some harmless window shopping. You might wonder if that’s a possible thing for me and although rare, it can happen 😉

So we started by visiting the department store, where I didn’t find anything very interesting. Then I remembered that I hadn’t checked out the offers in Bimba y Lola. Although I usually like many things from the store, I tend to buy more often during sale season. They have good offers and the quality of the products tends to be good.

Naturally, I started checking out the shoes and bags first. I had seen these shoes before and I really liked them but since they are 100% leather, their initial price was a bit off-limits for me. But now they were 60% off so that means I could afford them without remorse! So I asked for my usual size and the sales assistant looked for them in the storage room. I was about to be disappointed because it was not in stock, however he suggested I tried the next smaller size on and yes! They fit me so it was an easy decision.

What helped me make the decision was the fact that I know myself very well. If I didn’t get them, I wouldn’t stop thinking about them. After a few days I would go back to the store with the intention of buying them and they wouldn’t be in stock anymore and I would regret it. So why not make myself happy and my closet a bit fuller?

  • Grey kimono/ black v-neck t-shirt/ blue skinny jeans: H&M
  • Black handbag: STOCKMANN
  • Cat necklace: no brand, given to me as a present
  • Pink peep toe lace up shoes: BIMBA Y LOLA

Look Photos

Pink peep toe shoes and grey kimono
Pink peep toe shoes and grey kimono
Grey kimono and cat necklace
Pink peep toe shoes

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