February 19, 2019
Pink felt hat and everything else
by Thomai Papathanasiou

It all started with the pink felt hat. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and there were so many days that I said I would wear it. But then it was either too cold so I thought my ears might be cold. Or it didn’t match the rest of the outfit and I couldn’t bother picking something else. Or I couldn’t find my ear buds and it was impossible to wear it with my headphones. There were a series of reasons to put me off from using it.

But finally the time for the pink felt hat came. Even though I didn’t plan to go for a total pink look, it just happened. But in my defence it isn’t so hard to get to this result when you own as many pink things as I do. I started creating the outfit knowing that I wanted a cosy jumper and a pair of comfortable shoes and then the rest just followed. I might slightly look like a bubblegum but I don’t really care to be honest.

And then the outfit had an impact that I didn’t expect. While I was at the supermarket on the cleaning products aisle a woman approached me and told me “I’ve seen you walking around the supermarket. I love your hat and your jacket. You look fabulous!”. And then as I was paying the cashier also complimented my hat. So I guess it was worth waiting for the right time for its debut 🙂

Look Photos

pink felt hat front
pink felt hat
pink felt hat close up
Air Max close up

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