July 31, 2017
Pink asymmetrical dress
by Thomai Papathanasiou

If you asked me some years ago what the key piece in my closet is, I would say jeans. However since then I have developed a special love for dresses. So it has become one of the most popular items of my wardrobe. If you have read my blog for some time now, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that as soon I saw this pink asymmetrical dress, I couldn’t resist.

Although I am very fond of dresses, I don’t wear all types of them. I really like the fact that they are very feminine even the ones that are not too tight, which are the ones I usually choose. They make me feel more comfortable and let me move around in ease for my busy everyday schedule. This dress fulfils the criteria and despite the fact that it has a frill hem, like various other dresses I have bought recently, what makes it different is that it is asymmetrical.

Apart from the silhouette, the other thing that I take into account when I buy dresses is the fabric. It has to be soft on the skin and not too hot. This dress is great because it is made from cotton and it is knit. So that makes it all smooth and light.

The rest of the selling points in this case were of course the colour and the fact that it was on sale. Despite the fact that I am a very big fan of pink, I don’t own many dresses in this particular hue. I think this is a great tone as it is not too intense! Also, it can be combined with pretty much any other colour.

So I decided to dedicate the next posts to showing off my new dresses. So come back later this week to discover yet another one 😉

Look Photos

Pink asymmetrical dress and wishbone necklace
Pink asymmetrical dress and CH bag
CH bag and beige sandals
Wishbone necklace

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