May 4, 2017
Moomins and pom poms
by Thomai Papathanasiou
Although I was in Helsinki for less than 24 hours, I was lucky to be there while there was a Fashion Stock Sale going on where Finnish brands were participating and selling products at low prices and as I was curious to see the work of local designers and it was just at the centre of the city, I paid it a visit. Although I saw many interesting pieces, the things that caught my eye and I couldn’t walk away from was this collection by a designer which was full of prints with Moomins.  
I don’t know if you recognise these very cute characters coming from a children’s book and comic strip (100% from Finland) but I have been a fan since my childhood. If you don’t know them, I invite you to Google them and you can find on YouTube episodes of the animated series. Of course I couldn’t resist buying something from the collection, especially since the price was muuuuch lower than the original one! Oh and obviously I went for the pink option 😉


  • Pink and blue dress with Moomins print: IVANA HELSINKI
  • Ancient greek style sandals with pom poms: PRIMARK
  • Fuchsia quilted bag: FRAGOLA
  • Sunglasses: HASS JOYERÍA

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