July 24, 2017
Leopard sandals
by Thomai Papathanasiou

Hi! My name is Thomai and I am a shoe addict. In the past month I have expanded my collection with 7-8 pairs. I know it is probably way too much but sales make me go over the board. This is the case with these leopard sandals!

Well as I mentioned in my previous post, while I was in Greece I went to Antiparos for a few days. If you have ever been to a Greek island, you will know how it is sort of a ritual in the evening to walk around the narrow paths and check out the small local shops. Although you might not be looking for something specific, I assure you that you will always find interesting things and you will be tempted to make purchases.

As you would expect, I walked around to discover all the little shops and their treasures. Even though I wasn’t looking for anything specific, it was impossible not to look at the shoes. When I found these sandals, they were in a small basket in the exterior of the shop (something very typical in a shop island setting), I grabbed them and entered the store.

I have always loved this kind of Greek sandals because they are handmade from leather. I have used them for many, many years and they never disappoint. The colour is neutral, the animal print is classic and it can be used with anything. The best part was that because they were one of the last pairs, they were on offer, just 15 euros.

So I hope you understand how it was impossible to say no to them!

Look Photos

Cat dress and leopard sandals front
Cat dress and leopard sandals back
Bimba y Lola bag and surf ring
Leopard sandals close up

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