March 13, 2018
Knee high boots and print bag
by Thomai Papathanasiou

When I found these knee high boots I was so excited. Finally I had a pair of fashionable boots to fit in my legs! And although it has been a few months I still get happy wearing them and feel cool and trendy. I have been wearing them with trousers and dress but I am really loving how they look with this skirt. It is the perfect length so that you can appreciate the full boots.

In order to break the darkness of the look, I decided that a colourful sweater would be the answer. This way I can keep warm and wear an outfit a little more fascinating. And to make it even more interesting I added my print cross body bag. Even though I bought it some years ago I still love how it brings liveliness to any look. Also I am pretty sure that it was when my obsession with Bimba y Lola started. (I am really regretting not having bought a great bag I saw on sale in January and now it is too late…)

After adding the pops of colour I thought that I would it keep it simple with my outerwear so I went for my black coat. To put the finishing touch I chose the black earrings I received as a Christmas gift. They are pretty and simple so they don’t steal the attention from the rest of the look. They just compliment it and add a dash of sparkle. And you know I can’t resist some shimmer.

Look Photos

Knee high boots and print bag
Knee high boots and print bag back
Knee high boots and print bag close up
Print bag and earrings close up

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