September 16, 2015
Hand-down dress
by Thomai Papathanasiou
How do you feel about clothes recycling? Do you still wear clothes handed down to you by a friend or a family member? While I was growing up it was normal being the younger sister up to the point that my sister and I developed completely different body types. After that it was kind of impossible to wear her old clothes and the exclusivity of my closet started. Up to this day whenever we are together (a few days per year since I live in Mexico and she lives in England) we exchange handbags and accessories where our size has no interference. 
About 2 weeks ago, a colleague of mine saw me at work wearing a print dress and she told me that she had a dress that she had bought on a trip she took to China that she had only used once, she didn’t really like how she looked in it and she felt that it would suit my style. I was not sure that it would fit me since she is very tall and thin but a few days later she brought it to me and I felt that this dress really is for me: it fits and it is a colourful print! 
So if you have something in your closet that you never wear and you think would suit someone else give it to them. Or you can always donate your unwanted clothes to a charity. There is always someone who could get a use out of them.

  • Colourful print dress: no brand
  • Black skinny jeans: NEW LOOK INSPIRE
  • Black short sleeved cardigan: H&M
  • Gold lace up oxfords: STEVE MADDEN
  • Black handbag: DKNY
  • Black sunglasses: CARRERA

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