May 11, 2018
Great artists canvas bag
by Thomai Papathanasiou

My sister and I have the habit of buying each other presents whenever we go on a trip. Usually it is a small souvenir, something we know the other one will like. And even for the last few years that we were living far away from each other, we would accumulate these tiny treasures and when we would meet we would share them. Luckily we have been spending the last couple of months together now that I am in the UK. And after her last trip to London, she brought me back this nice great artists canvas bag.

The print is of remarkable modern artists such as Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, and Salvador Dalí. Apart from the cool design, it is also very comfortable and practical thanks to the leather handles. It felt that it would be the ideal compliment for my dark look on a sunny day.

I hadn’t used this little black dress since before leaving Mexico. But then a small heatwave hit the UK and I had the chance to wear it again no jacket needed. Plus I got to use my woven shoes and I didn’t think that would happen in early May! That was success for me but the locals were looking at me as if I were crazy wearing tights and long sleeves.  My greek genes consider 20º Celsius to be beginning of spring weather which makes this the perfect look 😉

To enjoy the nice weather we went to the nearby town of Skipton, walked along the canal and it turned out a festival was taking place. There were loads of people enjoying the sunshine, the nice music a jazz band was playing and even dancing. Even though our visit was brief, it was a good day and the great artists canvas bag was a fine companion.

Look Photos

great artists canvas bag front
great artists canvas bag back
great artists canvas bag close up

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