April 28, 2017
Fringe and yarn
by Thomai Papathanasiou
Earlier this week I started telling you about my trip to Finland and the nice things I found there. While exploring Lahti, we went to this very nice café by the lake and next to it there was a handcrafts store full of beautiful things made in Finland. My love for yarn and knitting and for quirky earrings led me to buy this very cool pair. 
Although I consume a lot of fast fashion (for example this bag from Target), I also have a deep appreciation for things that are handmade and that support small businesses and artisans as my earrings made in Finland, my dress made in Mexico and my sandals made in Greece.
Doesn’t it feel great to use pieces that carry a tradition, history and craftsmanship meaning?

  • Blue dress with white polka dots print and pink embroidery: MARIANA GRAPAIN ETNO DISEÑO
  • Leather handmade sandals with white fringe: LIZA’S LITTLE THINGS
  • Blue bucket bag: TARGET
  • Yarn earrings: SIRPA HAKALA

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