June 16, 2017
Fluffy sliders and pearl sunglasses
by Thomai Papathanasiou

If you have paid attention to shoe trends the last few months you must have spotted the sliders. Although there are many different options from the classic athletic plastic ones to velvet ones with embroidered pearls, you may have also noticed some fluffy sliders every now and then.

I was not sure how I felt about them at the beginning. I guess the problem was that I hadn’t seen a pair that I would like to have and wear. But then while I was browsing online I found this pair. I was hesitating but then I convinced myself that I should give them a try. So I ordered them and here they are!

I have come to realise after wearing them that there are many pros about them. 1. The colours are neutral so that makes combining them with different looks very easy. 2. They are flat so very comfortable for a girl who rarely wears heels like me. 3. They can be used with trousers or skirts/dresses. 4. They are suitable for any time of the day. 5. They are so cute and people seem to notice them and make compliments about them.

Of course I know that this is a trend that won’t last forever but fashion is about enjoying the moment and feeling good about what you wear. Maybe in a few years I’ll be looking at these pictures and wonder about my outfit. But for now I am glad I made this purchase. I feel cool in them and I can’t wait to wear them all summer long!

I will be travelling very soon and they are sure to be one of the items going in my suitcase. So stay tuned and you will be seeing more of them 😉

  • Black and white striped t-shirt/ black pleated trousers/ fluffy sliders/ colourblock handbag: ZARA
  • Pearl sunglasses: LENTES RETRO MX

Look Photos

Fluffy sliders and pleated trousers
Fluffy sliders and pleated trousers back
Pearl sunglasses close up on fluffy sliders look
Fluffy sliders

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