September 12, 2017
Double stripes trouble
by Thomai Papathanasiou

I am back and I have decided that this week will be all about jeans. I have always loved them because you can combine them with anything, they are appropriate for any occasion (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise) and so comfortable! And today’s look is all about double stripes trouble!

Although you have seen this top recently here on the blog, I have created a completely different outfit. So you see what I mean when I say that my philosophy is to buy pieces that are versatile and that I can use over and over again. Also you probably have noticed that I am very fond of stripes. I think that you can mix and match them with any other kind of print.

However for this particular look I decided to mix stripes with more stripes! I believe that the contrast of colours and the different sizes of them makes the look more interesting. For a playful touch, I wore my pom pom earrings which you have also seen before. But I can’t help using them all the time! They are on trend and they make a great addition in this case as they help emphasise the upper part of the outfit along with the ruffle sleeves.

Just to finish the look, I used a pair of white shoes that help keep the lower part of the look neutral. And I had to use them before the summer is over and it is not acceptable to wear white…Just kidding! You know that I don’t believe in following these old fashioned rules 😉

See how easy it is to transform a plain pair of jeans into a cool look?

Look Photos

Double stripes trouble front
Double stripes trouble back
Double stripes trouble close up
Kate Spade Bag and white slingbacks

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