December 6, 2018
Customised trainers and high neck black dress
by Thomai Papathanasiou

I’m the least athletic person you can imagine so I wouldn’t normally own more than a pair of sneakers. However they have become a trend and I am fully supporting it. Mainly because it means that I can be comfortable all the time. Although I like all the pairs I own I think my customised trainers are the best ones ever.

I think sneakers are proof that fashion doesn’t necessarily hate us and wants us to suffer. And the best part is that because they have become so popular it’s perfectly acceptable to wear them at work or for a day out on the weekend. Plus you can wear them with jeans or skirts and dresses depending on your mood. And isn’t it better when you have created them exactly as you like them? Plus I am certain that no one else in the world owns the exact same pair of shoes. Especially since I added my initials.

As you know what I really like is pink. But I thought that combining it with neutral grey would give me more flexibility to use them with even more things from my wardrobe. Don’t you think they are the perfect pop of colour for my black look? I bought this midi dress recently and I am really loving it. It is just so cosy and versatile. Plus the high neck keeps me warm along with the teddy coat now that the winter is here to stay 😉

Look Photos

Customised trainers and high neck black dress front
Customised trainers and high neck black dress back
Customised trainers side
Customised trainers back

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