March 25, 2016
Crochet and wicker
by Thomai Papathanasiou
You know how much I appreciate handmade beautiful creations. This black top I have had for some months but the weather wasn’t warm enough until now to wear it. The niece of a colleague made it for me and she crocheted it in no time! It was impressive how she asked for my measurements and then in a few days it was already ready for me to use. As for the piggy bag, if you remember I had bought it in Oaxaca when I visited in October and although I do not wear it very often I must say I still love its playful nature. 
The greatest thing about these handmade pieces is that as you can see they can be easily combined with high street and high fashion brands and create a whole new, interesting look!

  • Black crochet top: no brand, handmade 
  • Black tank top (worn underneath): PRIMARK
  • Girlfriend jeans: H&M
  • Fuchsia ballet flats: KATE SPADE
  • Wicker piggy bag: no brand, handmade in Oaxaca
  • Black and gold bracelets: no brand

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