May 15, 2017
Colours and stones
by Thomai Papathanasiou
You know how much I love colours and prints so naturally when I saw this kimono I was instantly attracted to it. I took it off the rack and held it while I was looking around the store. When I was done looking, I tried it on and I felt good in it. The fabric is soft, the silhouette is flattering and the fact that it is so colourful means that I can combine it with many different existing garments in my closet. However I was not sure if it was something I needed it. So I was thinking about it and I was really tempted to take it back to its original position and leave it, my friend who was with me told me “I think you should take it, it is totally you”. And then I realised she was right so I bought it.
That is why it is better to go shopping accompanied by someone and not alone. Sometimes they push you to make the right decision so thank you Karla 😉
  • White tank top: H&M
  • Colourful print kimono: ZARA
  • Boyfriend jeans: CITY CHIC
  • Fuchsia ballet flats: KATE SPADE
  • Green Andy bag: CAROLINA HERRERA
  • Big stone necklace: BERNA BROWN BY BERNA

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