November 11, 2018
Burgundy bag and stripes
by Thomai Papathanasiou

Recently, I went to the city centre after work to meet my husband and a friend. But I arrived first and in order to kill some time I decided to go TK Maxx and browse until they got there. Usually I start by checking the shoes and then the handbags. So as I was going around the aisles this burgundy bag caught my attention. Even before I touched it, I could tell that it was good quality leather. I grabbed it and checking carefully every detail inside and out. I found it a great bag.

Even though I loved it, I wasn’t sure if I should spend money on a new handbag. So I left it back where I had found it and walked out. A few days later, I was at the city centre and once again I decided to enter the store. I was certain that it would have been sold by that moment. Nevertheless I went back to the spot where I had seen it in the first place and I found it there. So I figured it was a sign that it was waiting for me. And it would be rude not to take it.

All jokes aside that wasn’t the reason why I bought the burgundy bag. I just think it is the perfect size for me to use for every day use but also on the weekends. The colour never goes out of style and I can combine it easily.  Plus it is a cross body style which gives me more freedom of movement. Did I also mention that the price was quite low for the quality offered?

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Burgundy bag and stripes front
Burgundy bag and stripes back
Burgundy bag close up

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