September 1, 2018
Bucket bag and LBD
by Thomai Papathanasiou

Who doesn’t enjoy sales season? You can find great things for your closet and spend less money, so who can say no to that? Well, sometimes you see good bargains and might get carried away. But you don’t want to collect a bunch of things you will just use once or twice. So you have to make decisions carefully and buy things that won’t go out of style in a few weeks like this bucket bag.

Although it was on sale, I didn’t just decide it would be a good item to add to my collection for the price. Anyway it was already very affordable. So this is why I decided to buy it. First of all this type of bag is sort of a classic so it is something that I can wear for a long period of time and never feel out of style. Thanks to the short and long straps options I can use it in different ways. Also this pale pink colour goes with pretty much anything I already have in my closet.

See what I mean with buying things on offer because you see the value in them? And now I know that this bag can fit all the essentials I need to travel. When I was packing for a weekend away to the Isle of Man I figured that the bucket bag would be a good choice. I could wear it with all the looks I was taking and it has enough space for all the things I wanted to have with me for the journey. And it was quite the journey, taking the train to Liverpool and then the ferry to Douglas. But we really enjoyed the island, the people and the food so it was all worth it 🙂

  • LBD and pale pink bucket bag: Zara
  • Black trench coat: H&M
  • White sneakers with pom poms: Sam Edelman
  • Black tights: Primark
  • Pink neckerchief: made by me

Look Photos

Bucket bag and LBD front
Bucket bag and LBD back
Bucket bag close up

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