September 4, 2017
Blue loose fit trousers and fuchsia
by Thomai Papathanasiou

In my previous post I was telling you how I like trousers even though people associate me more with dresses. Today I have another example of my appreciation for them. Although I usually opt for jeans since it is so easy to use them for any occasion, it is not just them that I like. I found these blue loose fit trousers a few months ago and I just couldn’t say no.

In February when I visited Mexico City as I was walking around my favourite neighbourhood, filled with small boutiques and designers shops, I decided to enter a store. I don’t remember exactly what it is that attracted me to go in (I am guessing a pair of shoes on display). However I was to find a variety of products and brands stocked in the store. The shop happens to have a collection of their own brand and to my delight a rack full of things 50% off.

I wasn’t sure if I could find something that fit me. However I tried these trousers on and instantly liked their loose fit. The price was very attractive so I decided to buy them. Although I really liked them and wanted to wear them, they were a little bit long so I couldn’t use them right away. After leaving them in my closet for a few months I finally got them fixed.

Now I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time! I find them so comfortable and I have already got to use them many times during the summer. My sister even got to use them while we were on vacation in Greece together 😉

For a relaxed weekend outfit, I decided to combine them with my comfortable, flat leather sandals. Also, I added a dash of fuchsia in order to make it bolder and more fun 🙂

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Blue loose fit trousers and Feline
Blue loose fit trousers and feline
Blue loose fit trousers close up

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