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June 22, 2011

Different body types: What to look for, what to avoid

On the second day of the course we learnt about the different body types and what we should go for and what to avoid on every case. The assignment of the day was to create a different look for every body shape.   If you belong to the pear body type you should focus on […]

What I learned the first day of my summer course “Fashion Image and Styling”

“Fashions fade. Style is eternal.” Yves Saint Laurent The most common styles and their characteristics are: Classic: Chiffon blouse, pencil skirt, classic and neutral colors Minimal: Structured figures, color blocking, monochromatic Romantic: More is more, volume,lace,frilly Bohemian: 70s, layer over layer, prints Ladylike: Very feminine, 50s, emphasis on the waist Mix and Match: Contrasting colors, […]