October 21, 2018
Black patent flats and fluff
by Thomai Papathanasiou

If you could only have one pair of shoes it should be a pair of black flats. And I already had one, these lovely ones I bought in May that are very cute and even have a bow. However, they’re made of fabric and where I live it tends to rain quite frequently. But I don’t really like wet feet, I mean who does? So I decided I should get another pair that I can wear without stressing about the weather. When I found these black patent flats I thought they were just what I needed. They are a classic style that I can combine with anything. Plus they are very comfortable so I would say that they were a good choice 😉

For a busy day at work I decided to combine them with my grey dress. And to make the look a little more colourful I added my Salvador Dali print neckerchief. But of course that was still too normal for my taste as you can imagine. Since the weather is getting colder the pink fluffy jacket was the perfect compliment. Making my outfit quirky and keeping me warm 🙂

Look Photos

Black patent flats front
Black patent flats back
Black patent flats close up

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