February 6, 2018
Black bow earrings
by Thomai Papathanasiou

It is already February and I still haven’t finished showing off my Christmas presents. Apart from the handbags I have mentioned before, I received these sparkly black bow earrings. And if you know me a little bit, you can tell that they were a great gift for me.

First of all I just love bows and if you go around the blog and check out previous posts you will recognise a small obsession. Also, they are subtly sparkly and you know how fond I am of shiny things. Even though I love colours, I am a big fan of black. You can’t beat how practical it is and how on point it is for every season and occasion. So for all these reasons I think this was an ideal present and I expect to use them very often.

Although I am fine with neutral colours such as black and grey, I couldn’t not add a pop of brightness to this look. Therefore I chose to use accents of fuchsia starting with the handbag and lipstick. And since I wanted to use necklaces so I didn’t want to wear something else on my neck, I decided to use this amazing silk neckerchief as a headband.

I bought the neckerchief during my trip in Florida back in November. I had the opportunity to visit the Dali Museum in Saint Petersburg which happens to have the largest collection of Dali’s art outside of Europe. And I was lucky enough to be there while a temporary exhibition exploring the creative collaborations between Dalí and Elsa Schiaparelli. Of course I had to get a souvenir and what would be better than something wearable?


Look Photos

Black bow earrings
Black bow earrings back
MK bag and booties
Wishbone and heart necklaces
Black bow earrings and Dali neckerchief

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