March 12, 2019
Beige knit dress
by Thomai Papathanasiou

When we left Mexico a year ago to come back to this side of the world we had no idea where we would end up. We thought we would be in Leeds for a short period of time until we figured out our next step. However things worked out well for us and we decided to stay here. One of the positive things of living close to my sister again is that she is a fashion addict as well. Therefore often she will suggest we go shopping, even if it is just to look around. And that is how I found this beige knit dress.

It was Saturday and sale season was upon us so we went to the city centre to browse around for a while. None of us was looking for something specific but that has never stopped us before. I guess we both enjoy the thrill of finding things we hadn’t even considered we needed. And this is exactly what happened when we entered COS. While looking around I came across the dress and even though I didn’t even know if it would fit I decided to try it on. Needless to say I really liked it so I didn’t have to think twice. I headed straight to the till and I’m very glad I did.

Since I bought it I haven’t stopped wearing it. Thanks to the colour I can combine it with so many different things I already have in my wardrobe and it will never go out of style. Plus because of the turtleneck and the wool composition it keeps me very warm while I look chic. That doesn’t happen with many of the clothes I own. Doesn’t that make the beige knit dress a winner?

Look Photos

Beige knit dress front
Beige knit dress back
Beige knit dress close up

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