October 28, 2018
Beige bluchers and leopard print
by Thomai Papathanasiou

If you’ve ever read the blog before you already know. But I have to say out out loud (or rather write it). I am Thomai and I am addicted to shoes and I’m also crazy about sales. So when I come across shoes on discount I find it extremely difficult to resist. And that is exactly what happened with this pair of beige bluchers.

They were very cheap, they were available on my size and thanks to their colour I can wear them with anything. Plus the material they are made of means I can use them even on rainy days without getting my feet wet. So I decided to get them and I’m happy to report it was a good purchase. I’ve used them several times since I bought them in the summer and they’re still appropriate for the colder weather.

And what is a must-wear for these temperatures? Coats and sweaters of course. And I still believe that this camel coat was one of the best fashion decisions I’ve ever made. Since it’s as neutral as the beige bluchers I decided to add some flair to the look with my leopard print bag.

My friend Abril gave it to me last Christmas and I’ve loved it ever since. It’s quite small so I can’t really wear it on a daily basis. But even though I don’t use it very often, I think it can make any outfit more fun. And let’s face it, a plain jeans and sweater combo does need some help to become an interesting look 😉

Look Photos

Beige bluchers front
Beige bluchers back
Betsey Johnson bag
Beige bluchers close up

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