March 3, 2015
About Me
by Thomai Papathanasiou

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. While I was studying Accounting and Finance I spent a semester as an exchange student in Vaasa, Finland. It was about that time I realised I could not see myself working as an accountant, auditor nor in the banking industry. I wanted to turn my passion for fashion into a profession!

Therefore after graduating I took short courses in Fashion Illustration and Fashion Styling. Also I studied a Master’s in International Fashion Marketing in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This blog started as a portfolio for my Styling class. Since then it has transitioned into a space where I can express how being curvy and on a budget doesn’t stop you from looking stylish and cool.

Currently I live in Monterrey, Mexico with my fiancé Dany and our cat Phoebe. I teach at the university Fashion Marketing full-time but I always try to find time to share my style through this space.

Apart from teaching and blogging, I love travelling, reading, visiting museums, going to the movies, watching series and drinking coffee